Rethinking Work: 2018 and Beyond – article

WORK / EMPLOYMENT: The Tube union’s decision to strike for a 4-day working week shows my article about the millennium shift towards 3 & 4 working day weeks is not purely speculative. A generational shift in your working lives is not far away. And in light of the Tube’s action is it time for an overhaul of the way we work? I examine work and labour models that have barely changed in decades and have carried the spirit of a century of labour force control. In this article I go in deep about the future of work as regards work-life balance, technological changes, A.I, the economy & even the influences of history & religion on why & how we work. Click link



My article about air pollution levels in London is in online mag

ENVIRONMENT: I have written an article about the air pollution levels in London and how Oxford Street is one of the most polluted streets on the planet, exceeding all EU pollution restrictions. Air pollution scientists say you risk a heart attack after two hours on Oxford Street. How do we reverse the toxic levels of Nitrogen Dioxide on London’s streets? The article is in online mag RedhotchilliNews. Click Link.


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