British Museum: Rodin Exhibition Alongside Parthenon Marbles

PARTHENON MARBLES:¬†In this article I examine ownership of the Parthenon Marbles in light of the British Museum’s announcement of a Rodin exhibition alongside these classical treasures from Ancient Greece. I also include poems by Keats & Lord Byron on the Marbles. And Byron gives his view on who owns them! Click here for my article¬†



My review of Britain’s Child Migrants Exhibition at Museum of Childhood.

ARTICLES: Do you realise during Britain’s Victorian golden age of 1850-70 prosperity peaked? But the poor actually got poorer (particularly in London’s East End) It was during this ‘golden age’ that poor Brits began migrating their children abroad to give them a chance of survival. Read my article Britain’s Child Migrants. A review of an exhibition at The Childhood Museum, Bethnal Green.

Child migrants 1