Danny Jackson: From Rock Musician to Horror Film Composer

INDEPENDENT FILM: I’ve written & directed an independent feature film called #Blackout starring Annie Burkin and Robert Walters. Here’s an interview with the film score composer Danny Jackson who was once a rock musician. Danny says: “Understanding the relationship between emotion and music for me is critical. In some films, this can be easy to understand. For example, a sad scene is usually accompanied by minor keys. However, horror scores to me are a different game altogether and Blackout is no exception. There are still some basic rules to follow: understanding when music or sound is necessary for a scene, how to prepare for a jump scare and subtle background music to help complement the actors’ thought processes.” Read the interview. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/from-rock-musician-to-horror-film-composer-danny-jackson-tackles-a-blackout-thriller/

Danny Jackson, rock musician & Blackout movie film score composer



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