London’s Roman Amphitheatre

HISTORY: There’s a #Roman #amphitheatre in London. Well the ruins of one anyway. If you don’t fancy your local soccer stadium this Saturday head to #Guildhall & discover how gladiators fought in these arenas without refs & halftime whistles Check out my article


London’s Historic Pubs – The Spaniard’s Inn

LONDON’S HISTORIC PUBS: I visited The Spaniard’s Inn in Highgate yesterday for more research on my article ‘London’s Historic Pubs’. Leafy Highgate! You know you’re in an affluent area of London when there are barely any bus stops and few train stations. Even the train station was wooded and leafy! It’s been a pub since 1543 & has an antiquated-looking fire place that looks like it’s been preserved since the 1700s. The poets Byron, Percy Shelley & Mary Shelley drank here. Also Keats wrote Ode to a Nightingale in the pub gardens. It was also one of Dickens favourites and both he and Dracula author Bram Stoker mentioned it in their novels. Weird atmosphere in the place. You can feel the history. A strange but stirring place to spend the evening of the solar eclipse. Read my full article in the September print edition of

  Above right – An antiquated fireplace at The Spaniard’s Inn



The Black Prince of Florence

BOOK REVIEW: Official court records from the 1500s show that Renaissance Florence was ruled by the ‘half negro’ duke Alessandro de Medici. Check out my review of Renaissance historian Caroline Fletcher’s book The Black Prince of Florence.

Popular on Twitter Network – My article on how 2 museums represent East End women

MUSEUM ARTICLE: There’s currently a duel between two East End museums. The Jack the Ripper museum in Whitechapel celebrates an infamous mass murderer. While the ‘East End Women: The Real Story’ pop-up museum in Stepney educates us about great British social/political movements from the East End such as the Suffragettes (Canning Town, Poplar, Bow, Stepney) & The Matchgirls (Bow) who pushed for the workers rights you enjoy today. Click link for my article

East End Museums (feature)



My Review of Alexander The Great Antiquities in British Museum

ARTICLES: A review I did covering Alexander The Great’s cultural legacy. Points out that Greece was a corridor between East & West when he sought to conquer Middle East, Asia & North Africa. Mainly about Alexandrian antiquities in British Museum. Click link

Alexander 1