Brick Lane Graffiti: Let the East End Streets Become Your Canvas

STREET ART: I was in the East End’s Brick Lane looking for street art that was a match for the masterpieces in the West End’s galleries. Check out this selection I photographed. Click link


Popular on Twitter Network – My article on how 2 museums represent East End women

MUSEUM ARTICLE: There’s currently a duel between two East End museums. The Jack the Ripper museum in Whitechapel celebrates an infamous mass murderer. While the ‘East End Women: The Real Story’ pop-up museum in Stepney educates us about great British social/political movements from the East End such as the Suffragettes (Canning Town, Poplar, Bow, Stepney) & The Matchgirls (Bow) who pushed for the workers rights you enjoy today. Click link for my article

East End Museums (feature)