Berenice Sydney: Dancing with Colour – Saatchi Gallery

ART EXHIBITIONThe first exhibition of Berenice Sydney’s work at a major public art gallery in over thirty years. Abstract Expressionism and figurative oil paintings. Arts correspondent Eddie Saint-Jean attended the opening at the Saatchi Gallery.


My selfie exhibited at Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition

EXHIBITION: My selfie Postcard to Nowhere was one of the exhibits at the Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition Feb 24th.

I’m pointing to my selfie ‘Postcard to Nowhere’ on show at the Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition last night. Other artists show off their selfies. Work included photos, paintings & drawings of ‘self’.

You’d expect a ‘Selfie’ exhibition to be mainly photos but paintings dominated at the Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition.

Claude Monet: Painting in London

ART: Claude Monet visited London in 1870, 1899, 1900 & 1901 and painted the fog around parliament, Hyde Park & the Thames. He commented on London’s fog & unpredictable weather: “Here comes the sun again, though, is it going to stay this time?” Click link for my article

Charing Cross Bridge (1900)

Waterloo Bridge (1900)

Brick Lane Graffiti: Let the East End Streets Become Your Canvas

STREET ART: I was in the East End’s Brick Lane looking for street art that was a match for the masterpieces in the West End’s galleries. Check out this selection I photographed. Click link

Faisal Abdu’ Allah: The Duppy Conqueror & Other Works

ART: Check out my review of Faisal Abdul’ Allah: The Duppy Conqueror & Other Works. Provocative and controversial depictions of Christ and his disciples as black youths with firearms. Check out my review


Isabell van Zeijl – artist

ART: This is an amazing artist. I first saw her work at the Young Masters Art Prize 2016 and again at this year’s recent prize at Gallery 8, Mayfair. Also came across her art at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Check out my article to see how her ironic and idealised representations of female beauty pays homage to the Renaissance, Flemish Primitivism (Jan van Eyck etc.) & the Pre-Raphaelites. Click link for article

The Art of Nigerian Women – book signing

BOOKS/ART: I caught up with gallerist Jennifer Akinsuyi (I previously wrote an article about her) at this book signing celebrating the work of  leading and upcoming artists working in sculpture, photography, painting and mixed media. The Art of Nigerian Women book signing & talk. Seventy five artists profiled in a 360 page book printed on silk paper!

(left to right, artist Lara Ige-Jacks, publisher Chukwuemeka Bosah, artist Aishatu Dapachi)