RUSHED  Stitchin Fiction advertised for plays that would be cast, rehearsed and performed on the same night at The Boogaloo Theatre, Highgate Nov 25th. My play called Rushed was selected from all the submissions. Rushed is about an unpublished author and a bus driver facing a midlife crisis who meet at a speed dating event.   The actors Chris Leaney and Jennifer Wills are in the photo.



1982  My most recent play called 1982 was one of the winning plays selected for The Brasiliance Festival 2014. Three winning plays were chosen for this heritage competition run by The Stone Crabs Theatre Company with the Heritage Lottery. I was also selected to write a full length stage version for a potential stage run.



A BALCONY IN VERONA was performed  at The Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone  on March 17th. Stunned by the audience reception. Powerful performances by actors Robert Walters & Annie Burkin as an East End couple having an anniversary tiff on a tower block roof top. 

BALC JPEG Balcony In Verona 1 2 34  What The Dickens JPEG WTD2


MEETING ROOMS  was performed at The Cockpit Theatre  Feb 17. Written and directed by Eddie Saint-Jean, starring Melody Schroeder and Chukwudi Onwere.

Meeting Rooms photo 7


False Proscenium upload


new banner 2   Additionally, my play was one of the few selected by the literary officer to also be performed by theatre staff. 200 plays submitted, around 20 chosen for display in the theatre & a final four chosen to be performed on the night including mine. Performance date June 27th 2013.                                                    __________________________________________________________________________________


studioJPEGThe Mercury Player JPEG     _______________________________________________________

cc                                   Five finalist plays selected from the hundreds of entries from playwrights. On Dec 12th 2012 those five plays – including my play The Man From Porlock  about poet Samuel Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan  went head to head to decide an overall winner. My play was runner-up after the audience vote. Porlock photo scriptsessions


upload basq 2


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