The Thames After Dark: South Bank and Bankside

I’ve been riverside after dark this week and dined in The Wharf Restaurant on South Bank overlooking magnificent views of the Thames. I’ve also visited the best of riverside bars & pubs on Bankside for a glass of red wine, with even more amazing views of St Paul’s Cathedral across the Thames. Check out my article The Thames After Dark in the April print edition of What’s Hot London? magazine which goes into detail about the best of wining, dining, galleries, theatre cinema etc. after dark along the river.

View of St Paul’s Cathedral from Bankside



Screening of my short film at the Cinema Museum

CINEMA MUSEUM: I was at the unusual but historic Cinema Museum for a screening of my experimental melodrama When The Earth Fell Down – a short film about an environmental disaster. An awe-inspiring venue. Twenty experimental films from all over the world. Organised by Exploding Cinema.

And check out our snazzy promo poster (below left) which wouldn’t look out of the place amongst the collector’s items on show.

(Below) A Youtube clip of me at the Cinema Museum to see my short film screened.


My selfie exhibited at Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition

EXHIBITION: My selfie Postcard to Nowhere was one of the exhibits at the Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition Feb 24th.

I’m pointing to my selfie ‘Postcard to Nowhere’ on show at the Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition last night. Other artists show off their selfies. Work included photos, paintings & drawings of ‘self’.

You’d expect a ‘Selfie’ exhibition to be mainly photos but paintings dominated at the Candid Arts Selfie Exhibition.

Visit to British Museum (Greece: Parthenon)

MUSEUMS: While at the British Museum writing a 2nd article on Ancient Greece & the Parthenon Marbles I’m distracted from my intended Greece: Parthenon Room 18 by this.

 (below) The beauty & culture of Ancient Greece on show at the British Museum today.

And for that small matter of the Parthenon Marbles click link for my photos in magazine



Claude Monet: Painting in London

ART: Claude Monet visited London in 1870, 1899, 1900 & 1901 and painted the fog around parliament, Hyde Park & the Thames. He commented on London’s fog & unpredictable weather: “Here comes the sun again, though, is it going to stay this time?” Click link for my article

Charing Cross Bridge (1900)

Waterloo Bridge (1900)

Rethinking Work: 2018 and Beyond – article

WORK / EMPLOYMENT: The Tube union’s decision to strike for a 4-day working week shows my article about the millennium shift towards 3 & 4 working day weeks is not purely speculative. A generational shift in your working lives is not far away. And in light of the Tube’s action is it time for an overhaul of the way we work? I examine work and labour models that have barely changed in decades and have carried the spirit of a century of labour force control. In this article I go in deep about the future of work as regards work-life balance, technological changes, A.I, the economy & even the influences of history & religion on why & how we work. Click link