CHINEKE! ORCHESTRA: Founded by double-bassist Chi-chi Nwanok, the Chineke Orchestra is Europe’s first all-black professional orchestra and it’s coming to the Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 13th and promises to be a unique experience in more ways than one.

CITY LINK UP SHOWCASE: This event gives unsigned acts a platform for their talents every second Wednesday of the month at the Undersolo club, Camden.

THURSDAY NIGHT SHOWCASES: If you like your music live and loud get out on the town and support the capital’s numerous singers and bands taking the stage at London showcases tonight.

THIRD TUESDAYS JAZZ BLOW LIVE NIGHTS: Given half a chance every wannabe musician would probably charm you with stories about how they hung around the instrument shops on Denmark Street off Charing Cross Road trying out all the latest kit and annoying the sales assistants by jamming loudly in-store like they were the next Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix in waiting.

SOULFUL OMAR: British soul star Omar widely known for his stand out 1992 rare-groove fusion hit There’s Nothing Like This took the stage at The Den, 100 Wardour Street with the crowd anxiously anticipating his appearance even while the musicians went through their tuning rituals.