BRITPOP: The likes of , , , and once ruled the airwaves when was Cool Britannia in the 1990s. Some are still gigging in London but what are the rest up to? Check out my article.


US DRILL RAPPERS: ONLINE REVOLUTION: Widespread use of the internet and the social media revolution has led to wholesale changes in the way music is delivered, performed and viewed. The hard-edged twenty-something rap star that emerged in the eighties, nineties and early 2000s after paying their street dues has been replaced by the baby-faced teen rapper who blew up big after their first upload on Youtube.


CHINEKE! ORCHESTRA: Founded by double-bassist Chi-chi Nwanok, the Chineke Orchestra is Europe’s first all-black professional orchestra and it’s coming to the Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 13th and promises to be a unique experience in more ways than one.


THURSDAY NIGHT SHOWCASES: If you like your music live and loud get out on the town and support the capital’s numerous singers and bands taking the stage at London showcases tonight.