JACKIE: This movie about Kennedy’s death takes the perspective of his widow, the dignified and elegant figure of Jackie Kennedy played by Natalie Portman. See my review here.



FANASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Well right here in my movie review.



THE NEON DEMON: A surreal and macabre thriller about the ‘cut-throat’ modelling industry Click link for my review



FOR HERE OR TO GO: The independent US/Indian movie For Here or to Go had its UK premiere at the London Asian Film Festival on March 7 2016. Check out my review.

The London Asian Film Festivals


STEVE MCQUEEN: Check out my article about movie idol Steve McQueen’s sunglass selection during the making of his 1970s movie Le Mans. Click link


WE THE PEOPLE FILM FESTIVAL: Check out my article about the United Nations Associations ‘We The People’ film festival. Click link

We The People Festival


DOWN BUT NOT OUT: A review I wrote about boxing documentary Down, But Not Out is in Culture Chronicle Magazine. It’s about four Polish female boxers preparing for their debut bouts. Click the link




My article in Gorilla Film-maker Magazine is about different ratios of shadows when you light a subject and gets to the specifics of what the term Key-to-Fill Ratio actually means. Click the yellow link for full article. (The photo is from my forthcoming feature film ‘Capsule’) CLICK THIS LINK FOR ARTICLE



FILM-MAKING ARTICLE – Chiarosucro Lighting
I am pleased to announce my article ‘Chiaroscuro Film Lighting’ how Renaissance Art influenced film lighting is in this issue of Gorilla Film Magazine. It explains how I used this lighting technique in my feature film Capsule and also covers film noir and great directors such as Cecil B. De Mille and Orson Welles. CLICK THE LINK HERE FOR ARTICLE




FILM-MAKING ARTICLE – Mise en Scene A recent article I did on the film-making term Mise en scene (for independent film-makers magazine – Gorilla Film Mag) has been published. It is in issue 4 and the online copy.  CLICK LINK FOR ARTICLE