ALCOTRAZ BAR: Alcotraz, a bar that’s based on Alcatraz Prison and where you’re put in real cells and wear prison-issue orange jumpsuits. Why put yourself through that and face the stern-eyed scrutiny of the tough-looking American warden and prison guard? Well Alcotraz Bar on Brick Lane will answer this question in one wild and weird immersive experience.


MCQUEEN: An award-winning cocktail bar in Shoreditch named after super cool 1960s and 70s American movie icon Steve McQueen, it’s going to be just as super cool, right? Pretty much. Well actually not just a bar – a grill restaurant and boutique nightclub as well with gold framed black and white photos of the King of Cool never far away.


DEAD & FAMOUS, NO41 CLUB: What’s Hot London? attended the Dead Famous & Glamorous Resurrection Soiree on the weekend organised by Elite Parties at the N.41 Club in Kensington to pay homage to Hollywood greats such as Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo as well as rock’s iconic geniuses who left before their time but with an unmatchable legacy.


THE GOOD MIXER: If you happen to be in the Camden area and count yourself a devoted independent rock fan, then The Good Mixer pub on Inverness Street, should definitely be on your must-visit list.


VENETIAN MASQUERADE BALL: The Late Night Cocktail Club’s Venetian Masquerade Ball at Kensington Roof Gardens on Saturday night featured acrobats, contortionists, stilt walkers, fire and glow dancers as well as a live saxophonist freestyling to the DJ set. Oh and of course cocktails.


ICE BAR: It’s so cold in there that you are given a thermal cape to wear. Also cocktails with ice in the average bar cannot compare to a bar where the actual glass is made of ice and you are given gloves to stop you freezing to death while trying to hold it!