bio2_________________________________________________________ EDDIE SAINT-JEAN– studied the first year of an M.A in Visual Theories in Art & Film but then focused on practical film-making. After making numerous short films he was one of two writer/directors selected for the New Pathways/Film Council’s London Borough Film Challenge to represent the London Borough of Newham – selected from thousands of entries. After a mentoring period at Three Mills Film Studios he produced the short film ‘Letter to Rothko’  (about artist Mark Rothko) which was screened at numerous festivals. From film he then ventured into stage directing, writing and directing The Accidental Basquiat Club about the death of black American graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat. Notably, his play The Man From Porlock about poet Samuel Taylor Colerdige’s poem Kubla Khan, was runner up in a playwriting competition in the autumn of 2012, springboarding a successful path in both disciplines. In 2013 his short play 2&8 was selected for Found Plays at Royal Court Theatre’s Open Court and also performed by their  theatre staff at the festival. His play False Proscenium was selected for a competitive festival being run by Lost Theatre that same year. Episode 1 of his web series XISTENCE was featured on ITV’s Ths Morning show in April 2014, selected by ITV & Sky 1 cinema critic James King. It was then praised and recommended by presenter Philip Schofield. In July 2014 he won a playwriting competition for Stone Crabs Theatre’s Brasiliance Festival 2014 with his short play 1982.



He is also the Editor-in-chief and Arts & Culture Reviewer for What’s Hot London? Magazine http://whatshotlondon.co.uk/ and responsible for the main editorial of review ratings covering EXHIBITIONSFILMSBOOKSRESTAURANTS and London’s vibrant social scene.















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