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At Sci-Fi London with Star Wars movie editor Colin Goudie


A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.

Orson Welles

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/o/orsonwelle132082.html#DekHGHCAgAHQ1T7g.99

My feature articles and editorials below _____________________________________________________

ARTS & CULTURE (PARTHENON MARBLES): In this article I examine ownership of the Parthenon Marbles in light of the British Museum’s announcement of Rodin exhibition alongside these classical treasures from Ancient Greece. I also include poems by Keats & Lord Byron on the Marbles. And Byron gives his view on who owns them! https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/the-parthenon-marbles-clash-of-culture-law-and-international-relations/


SPORT – FENCING: I had my first lesson at the London Fencing Club in Old Street. How did I get on? Can fencing bring out your inner D’Artagnan? I spoke to the club’s Fencing Master Alex Bela. Learn more about #fencing and #London’s fencing fraternity in my article. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/london-fencing-club-may-bring-out-your-inner-dartagnan/


POLITICS: A May round up of #TheresaMay‘s current term of office and how she has handled issues that impact London, in particular, and the UK generally. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/theresa-may-a-may-2018-round-up/ #politics #UKpolitics #Brexit #Windrush 


NATIONAL WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH: With March being National Women’s History Month and bearing in mind the recent furore over inequality in gender pay and sexual harassment at work, this article examines the great strides made by women’s movements in addressing unfair labour conditions. Two of the greatest shifts were triggered by social action from women in London’s East End and we look at how their campaigns and protests led to new regulations and legislation that impacted the whole of Britain. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/national-womens-history-month-the-east-end-women-who-revolutionised-uk-employment-laws/


RETHINKING WORK: Is it time to rethink the way we work? I examine work and labour models that have barely changed in decades and have carried the spirit of a century of labour force control. In this article I go in deep about the future of work as regards work-life balance, technological changes, A.I, the economy & even the influences of history & religion on why & how we work. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/rethinking-work-2018-and-beyond/


ENVIRONMENT: Check out my report on the UK’s 25 Year Plan to protect habitats & eradicate . 3 years on the charge seems to have delivered in part by reducing use by 83%.


ENVIRONMENT: It seems 2017 was full of doom and gloom in this regards, what with dwindling endangered species numbers and climate change issues but as we move into the first few days of 2018 let’s look back on the good news of 2017. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/not-to-touch-the-earth-not-to-see-the-sun/


ENVIRONMENT: The government defeated in the courts by Client Earth as their clean air plan falls short. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/environmentalists-the-government-face-off-over-londons-pollution/


SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (SMART CITY): When the ‘Smart’ word first entered our terminology during the digital age, it commonly described the technological capabilities and connectivity of our watches, wearables, and gadgets. Its meaning has taken on new power as our capital city embraces an era of artificial intelligence and big data. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/the-2020-vision-of-london-as-a-smart-city/


SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (A.I): As scientists and researchers fine-tune A.I technology capable of doing the most sophisticated tasks, the general perception is that not only will they be assigned the mundane stuff that we’d gladly delegate to our steel and wire buddies but eventually even our own jobs. Indeed, politicians and social commentators believe this has already started to happen. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/a-i-and-the-changing-shape-of-creativity/




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