Updates below will include examples of my reviews and articles in What’s Hot London? Magazine. I am currently responsible for its main editorial covering London’s arts, culture, food, events and vibrant social scene. 

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.

Orson Welles



THEATRE REVIEW: I attended the opening night of The Test at White Bear Theatre, Kennington. A reckless scientist creates the world’s 1st fully conscious internet but will it trigger a Brave New Utopian World or spiral out of control. Check out my review.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: I was dining at the M Restaurant on Threadneedle Street earlier this afternoon. It’s run by Gordon Ramsay protege Michael Reid and described on Bookatable as a James Bond-style restaurant. Accurate description?. Check out my review of a four course meal with prosecco in What’s Hot London? magazine.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: I was dining at the Belgo Central restaurant earlier today, and had the most delicious dessert ever!! That’s 5-star dee-lish for the dessert alone. Also I had a starter of Lobster Bisque, which is lobster, champagne and brandy soup – Belgian cuisine at its best. They also had this cool looking stain-glass window decor. Check out my review to find out how many stars I gave the whole service.

ART (FEATURE ARTICLE): I first saw Isabelle van Zeijl’s work at the Young Masters Art Prize 2016 and again at this year’s recent prize at Gallery 8, Mayfair. Also came across her art at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Check out my article to see how her ironic and idealised representations of female beauty pays homage to the Renaissance, Flemish Primitivism (Jan van Eyck etc.) & the Pre-Raphaelites. Click link for article

BOOK REVIEW: Official court records from the 1500s show that Renaissance Florence was ruled by the ‘half negro’ duke Alessandro de Medici. Check out my review of Renaissance historian Caroline Fletcher’s book The Black Prince of Florence.

MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW: You really should have a pint in the Kings Head Theatre, Islington. A pub since 1543, even Henry VIII stopped off there for an ale on the way to see his mistress. And while you’re there catch this award-winning musical comedy. A new take on the biblical story of creation. Check out my review.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: I was recently dining at a Marco Pierre White restaurant in Liverpool Street. Read my review to discover why all his eateries have a Michelin-starred gourmet touch.

ART REVIEW: High Renaissance master Michelangelo & Sebastiano, National Gallery March – June 2017. Check out my review.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: With spring here I savoured the luxury dining experience of a 1927 deco steamship yacht on the Thames. Five-star service with The Yacht London in the midday sun. Read my review here

ART REVIEW: If you’re a fan of portraits, head to the Candid Gallery Portrait Exhibition for a wide variety of work that pushes the boundaries of what we commonly accept portraiture to be. Check out my review.


THEATRE REVIEW: Abiku Theatre’s six-day run of the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of Being Earnest at ‪the Etcetera Theatre. Click link for my review.‬


THEATRE REVIEW: Check out my review of the opening night of this Elizabethan play written by Christopher Marlowe performed in 2017 by Tower Theatre Company.


ART REVIEW: If you’re a fan of abstract art you might want to cast a discerning eye over the Park Seo Bo exhibition at the White Cube gallery. Check out my review.


FILM REVIEW: This movie about Kennedy’s death takes the perspective of his widow, the dignified and elegant figure of Jackie Kennedy played by Natalie Portman. See my review here.


BOOK REVIEW:  Check out my review of this surreal debut novel about an unconscious man who interrupts the dream states of others. Author Safeena Chaudhry’s book Companions of Clay explores the subconscious, nightmarish dreams and the coma state of a British-born Pakistani male who faces a final reckoning with his estranged family. Click link http:/


FILM REVIEW: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Well right here in my movie review.


THE PRE-RAPHAELITES: London’s historic art movements. The Bloomsbury area of West Central London gave us John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and their Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.


THEATRE REVIEW: Glenda Jackson’s return to the stage after a 25 year absence in the title role of King Lear at the Old Vic.


THEATRE REVIEW: So was the Muhammad Ali play One Night in Miami a knockout? It’s currently running at The Donmar Warehouse, Covent Garden. Check out my review to see if it really was The Greatest. #theatre


ART REVIEW: How did the high contrast painting style of a 17th-century Italian master come to influence cinematographers of the modern age? Curious? Check out my review of this 5 star exhibition at The National Gallery. Not to be missed! May well be UK’s No.1 exhibition of 2016.


BOOK REVIEW: Ghostly goings on in a Vienna suburb. A letter out of the blue from an estranged mother triggers a quest to unravel a family mystery harking back to the 1930s. Read my book review of Amna K. Boheim’s debut novel here.


EXHIBITION REVIEW: Check out my article about 1970s counter-culture in communist states. Soviet Hippies exhibition at the Red Gallery


FILM REVIEW: A surreal and macabre thriller about the ‘cut-throat’ modelling industry Click link for my review


ART REVIEW: An exhibition featuring work by Eddy Kamuanga lluanga. It comments on the mining of coltan in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its effects on the Mangbetu tribe. Click link for my review


LITERATURE: July 8th is the anniversary of the death of poet Percy Shelley. My article looks at how his tragic love life drew him to London and the death of his first wife Harriet Westbrook in The Serpentine River, Hyde Park. Click link

Joseph Severn's portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelley. The radical 19th century poet practiced the politics of the plate. For Shelley and other liberals of his day, keeping sugar out of tea was a political statement against slavery.

Joseph Severn’s portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelley. The radical 19th century poet practiced the politics of the plate. For Shelley and other liberals of his day, keeping sugar out of tea was a political statement against slavery.

PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW: For former Soviet satellite states emerging from communism the architectural legacy would resonate long after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Check out my article about this photography exhibition at Calvert 22, Shoreditch.

Power and Architecture

BOOK REVIEW: Check out my review of this 2nd novel by Derek Bates which charts an unfolding political/religious plot from centuries past. If you like your drama injected with a bit of history this review might just be for you!

Shadows in the WallJPG


FILM REVIEW: The independent US/Indian movie For Here or to Go had its UK premiere at the London Asian Film Festival on March 7 2016. Check out my review.

The London Asian Film Festivals


ART REVIEW: If you’re a fan of Catalan surrealist Joan Miro don’t miss this exhibition in Piccadilly which is basically a reconstruction of his studio. Only a few days left!! Check out my article



LITERATURE: Fans of classical Spanish literature will no doubt be thrilled at the Imagining Don Quixote exhibition at the British Library. Check out my review of the illustrations in this 17th century novel here Click here



ART: My article about the Tate National’s guided tours featuring British landscape artist JMW Turner.



ART: Check out my review of Michael Craig-Martin’s 1st solo exhibition for 25 years at The Serpentine. Click link for article



ART: Check out my review of UK/raine: Emerging artists from the UK & the Ukraine – at the Saatchi Gallery.



MUSICAL THEATRE: Check out my article about Something, Something Lazarus the musical. An interview with the writer John Myatt at the concert preview.

Something Something Lazarus - cast


LITERATURE: Literature lovers check out my article on The Solstice Shorts Festival: Longest Night 2015

Solstice Shorts


MUSEUMS: The Enlightenment was a period of 17th and 18th century European history when mythology, faith and superstition were challenged for the first time by philosophers and thinkers driven by logic, science and empirical facts. Click link for my article.



STAGE: Check out my review of Dreamwatchers: Winter Tales of Hidden Bulgaria. A combination of theatre, folk lore and Bulgarian Choir.



MUSEUMS: Read my article Britain’s Child Migrants. A review of an exhibition at The Childhood Museum, Bethnal Green.

Child migrants 1


ART: 100 years of Jewish art collection currently being exhibited at Somerset House by the Ben Uri institute. It focuses on Jewish migration & refugees. Check out my review. Click here

Snap 2015-12-09 at 13.32.02


BOOKS: I recently attended a book launch at The British Academy for author Ruth Finnegan’s latest work. Combining Gaelic lore and African storytelling traditions, written from the dream state like Kubla Khan this is a novel with a difference. Read my 5 star review.  Click link



FILM: Check out my article about movie idol Steve McQueen’s sunglass selection during the making of his 1970s movie Le Mans. Click link


ARTS: The Barjeel Art Foundation Collection exhibition is at the Whitechapel Gallery from Sept 2015 to Jan 2017. Check out my 5 star rated review here



FILM REVIEWS: Check out my article about the United nations Associations ‘We The People’ film festival. Click link

We The People Festival


MUSEUMS: Check out my article about Keats House the former home of poet John Keats, now a heritage site and museum. Click link

Keats House 1


MUSEUMS: Check out my review on Alexander The Great’s cultural legacy. Alexandrian antiquities in the British Museum.

Greek Legacy to the Rescue?

Alexander 1


MUSEUMS: Check out my reviews on the Medieval and Renaissance Tours at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 5 Star rating!

Guided Medieval & Renaissance Tours at the V&A Museum

The Boar & Bear Tapestry


ART: Check out my review of the Face of Britain exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Britain’s historic figures. Exhibition is run in conjunction with BBC series and book by Simon Schama (in photo below)



FILM:  An article I wrote about movie icon Audrey Hepburn and how spectacles/sunglasses designer Oliver Goldsmith helped create her timeless look. Published in’s Fashion & Lifestyle mag.

Audrey Hepburn


FILM: Check out my article about James Dean’s iconic eyewear styling choices published  in’s Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine. Also references the biopic Life starring Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattison



ARTS: My article Black Representation in Medieval and Renaissance Art has been published in What’s Hot London. It discusses the black king in Augustin Henckel’s Adoration of the Magi.



SCIENCE: Inspired by news physicists recently announced plans to teleport living organisms, check out my article in online mag Red Hot Chilli News that shows quantum physics has totally disrupted our knowledge of who we are, where we came from – in fact whether we exist at all! Click link



ENVIRONMENT: My article on endangered species in Tribe of Nomad travel, nature, eco mag.

Lion 2015-09-06 at 23.50.17


ENVIRONMENT: My article examines the UK government’s decision to allow the use of blacklisted bee-killing pesticides even though the EU has imposed a continent-wide ban. It clarifies many issues and presents evidence of how harmful they really are. Click the link.



BOXING: A review I wrote about boxing documentary Down, But Not Out is in Culture Chronicle Magazine. It’s about four Polish female boxers preparing for their debut bouts. Click the link



ENVIRONMENT: My article about the air pollution levels in London and how Oxford Street is one of the most polluted streets on the planet, exceeding all EU pollution restrictions. Air pollution scientists say you risk a heart attack after two hours on Oxford Street. How do we reverse the toxic levels of nitrogen dioxide on London’s streets? The article is in online mag RedhotchilliNews. Click Link.



POLITICS: My article Why The Young Should Vote examines how voter apathy by 18-24 year olds impacts their future. Click here for article.



POLITICS: I was recently invited to the Houses of Parliament to see an event called Revolution 10 ‘Let The People Decide’ which merged performance art with political representation. Artist Joseph Young performed his People’s Manifesto in a House of Commons committee room and it posed many questions about political representation to the assembled MPs and their guests. Check out my article on the event in



SCIENCE: Check out article I wrote for online news magazine about the ethical issues raised by scientific development. References quantum physics: the search for universe’s tiniest sub-atomic matter, quarks, neutrinos, dark matter etc



ART: Review of Reiner Ruthenbeck exhibition at The Serpentine



WHEELCHAIR USERS:Check out my article in about the Court of Appeal’s recent ruling that wheelchair users don’t have the automatic right to wheelchair spaces on



SCULPTURE: Check out my two articles here on poets Lord Byron (1788-1824) and John Keats’ (1795-1821) differing views on the Parthenon Marbles which were shipped from Greece to Britain in 1807 during the Turkish conflict.



FILM-MAKING ARTICLE – Cornerhart (short film)
My article in Gorilla film-maker magazine about techniques used in the shooting of Cornerhart Click for link to Cornerhart (short film) article. The film was a finalist at The Hackney WickED Film Festival 2012



My article in Gorilla Film-maker Magazine is about different ratios of shadows when you light a subject and gets to the specifics of what the term Key-to-Fill Ratio actually means. Click the yellow link for full article. (The photo is from my forthcoming feature film ‘Capsule’) CLICK THIS LINK FOR ARTICLE



FILM-MAKING ARTICLE Chiarosucro Lighting
I am pleased to announce my article ‘Chiaroscuro Film Lighting’ how Renaissance Art influenced film lighting is in this issue of Gorilla Film Magazine. It explains how I used this lighting technique in my feature film Capsule and also covers film noir and great directors such as Cecil B. De Mille and Orson Welles. CLICK THE LINK HERE FOR ARTICLE




FILM-MAKING ARTICLE A recent article I did on the film-making term Mise en scene (for independent film-makers magazine – Gorilla Film Mag) has been published. It is in issue 4 and the online copy.  CLICK LINK FOR ARTICLE



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