Health Programme 2015: So What Does The Super Quick Power Lunch Look Like?

OPTIMUM HEALTH DIARY: This section documents my pursuit of peak health and sports performance using established methods, breakthroughs in sports science and alternative/nature options. Does the body deteriorate on default or does our lifestyles and mindset have a lot to do with it? I’ll answer that question in this weekly diary. This is a quest for both health & excellence, I want to push my body to its sporting limits to see what is possible. Why not? Let’s be open minded & approach it as an adventure as well as research. (Literally all of my sporting & fitness personal bests have happened in this period of my life so watch this space!!) I’ll be using my film-making and editing skills to also create a video diary here. ______________________________________________


FRI SEPT 4th: Mushroom, Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup. I’m the worst culprit here. Skimping over lunch because I’ve got no time, too busy with work etc (same goes for breakfast) but I’ve fixed that with something super quick, super simple, super nutritious.  Buy ready made vegetable soups and top them up with 3 different chopped veg, olive oil and home grown parsley & chives. Today I had ready made cream of mushroom soup with more mushrooms generously chopped in also added cauliflower & broccoli. (+olive oil, chopped herbs). Miss out on this vital veg at your own risk particularly if you do regular exercise or sports. They quickly replace lost nutrients & give your body maximum function when you’re wearing it down (those max workouts or gruelling runs!)


Nutritional Benefits:







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