Health Programme 2015: Training for the Olympic Park 5k

OPTIMUM HEALTH DIARY: This section documents my pursuit of peak health and sports performance using established methods, breakthroughs in sports science and alternative/nature options. Does the body deteriorate on default or does our lifestyles and mindset have a lot to do with it? I’ll answer that question in this weekly diary. This is a quest for both health & excellence, I want to push my body to its sporting limits to see what is possible. Why not? Let’s be open minded & approach it as an adventure as well as research. (Literally all of my sporting & fitness personal bests have happened in this period of my life so watch this space!!) I’ll be using my film-making and editing skills to also create a video diary here. ______________________________________________


WEDS SEPT 2ND: I have the Lee Valley Olympic Park 5k on Sept 19th so this training run was all about upping the pace but in truth I wanted to run sub-30mins for the first time. Well 2 miles in I’m running a comfortable 9min 30sec pace so it all seems in the bag, but then my timer broke. Actually it froze. Slightly annoyed but I know a sub-30min run is at least possible. That’s the Olympic Stadium and The Arcelor-Mittal Tower in the background.

Snap 2015-09-02 at 20.26.27


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