HEALTH PROGRAMME 2015: How’s the summer physique targets looking?

OPTIMUM HEALTH DIARY: This section documents my pursuit of peak health and sports performance using established methods, breakthroughs in sports science and alternative/nature options. Does the body deteriorate on default or does our lifestyles and mindset have a lot to do with it? I’ll answer that question in this weekly diary. This is a quest for both health & excellence, I want to push my body to its sporting limits to see what is possible. Why not? Let’s be open minded & approach it as an adventure as well as research. (Literally all of my sporting & fitness personal bests have happened in this period of my life so watch this space!!) I’ll be using my film-making and editing skills to also create a video diary here. ______________________________________________


SUN AUG 23: Did 10 mile jog around Royal Parks, St James Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens on Sunday evening. That picture below shows how dark it was. A timely moment of reflection followed as I sat opposite The Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park. How’s the training coming along? Am I hitting all my targets?


The truth is there’s always more. You can always run faster, further or get stronger. The journey itself is exciting as are the changes I am noticing. Obviously getting fitter, more ripped look, yet muscular for those athletic bursts required for the many sports I participate in.

Snap 2015-08-24 at 14.13.07

Snap 2015-08-24 at 13.21.13

We’re on point!!


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