ENVIRONMENT WATCH: Malawian teenager builds windmill out of junk

ENVIRONMENT WATCH: Most news isn’t balanced. It tends to show the worst of what’s going on in the world all the time. Bad news sells, just check out your front page today! Like all things there is always the bad and good of what’s happening to humanity. Here at Global Watch & Environment Watch I’ll be sending you updates about all that’s positive about the human spirit. #newhorizon #thinkdifferent #environment


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As a teenager growing up in Malawi William Kamkwamba learned how to make a windmill by reading books about it in the library and then using junk to make one! He used bicycle parts and discarded items from a scrapyard when access to more expensive items proved impossible! Rapidly developing into a self taught genius engineer he then built a solar powered water pump – the first time his village had access to drinking water. Later he constructed two more windmills to generate the village’s irrigation pumps. Again, he achieved all of this by swotting up about it in the local library because crippling poverty and a famine meant he had to drop out of school because the school fees were no longer affordable.

William William_Kamkwambas_old_windmill



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