ENVIRONMENT WATCH: A Drinkable Book that cleans polluted water using pages that filter bacteria

ENVIRONMENT WATCH: Most news isn’t balanced. It tends to show the worst of what’s going on in the world all the time. Bad news sells, just check out your front page today! Like all things there is always the bad and good of what’s happening to humanity. Here at Global Watch & Environment Watch I’ll be sending you updates about all that’s positive about the human spirit. #newhorizon #thinkdifferent #environment


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The drinking of clean water is a basic right that we take for granted in the West, however, US scientists have developed a book with pages that act as a water filter, removing 99% of bacteria from polluted water. It is so effective that raw sewage can actually be made safe to drink.  The paper is coated with silver and copper nanoparticles. The book is uniquely resourceful and even acts as an instruction manual before the pages become torn for use. Lead researcher Teri Dankovich, from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh claims that one book can supply four years worth of drinkable water requirements.

3.5 million people a year die globally from water-related illnesses with most of these in the developing world. In the African Sub-Sahara alone 358 million people do not have the safe water that we take for granted.

Drinkable water




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