ENVIRONMENT WATCH: Adidas trainers made from discarded ocean plastic

ENVIRONMENT WATCH: Most news isn’t balanced. It tends to show the worst of what’s going on in the world all the time. Bad news sells, just check out your front page today! Like all things there is always the bad and good of what’s happening to humanity. Here at Global Watch & Environment Watch I’ll be sending you updates about all that’s positive about the human spirit. #newhorizon #thinkdifferent #environment


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With concern over the ocean’s plastic waste increasing, Adidas are producing a line of trainers that may not solve the problem but does make use of the waste material. Their sustainable footwear range will be made mainly from discarded fishing nets but also other waste plastics found polluting the earth’s oceans. It comes at a time when the damage caused by plastic is at a peak. 300 million tonnes of plastic items are made a year – used just once then discarded – often into oceans where they give off toxins which enter our own food chain. The next time you are given a plastic shopping bag in your local supermarket know that it will be around for centuries because it can’t decompose like a paper bag.

Adidas is also supporting a company called Parley for the Oceans which is developing new forms of plastic which are degradable and less harmful to the environment. And to end on the words of  Parley’s founder Cyrill Gutsch  “Plastic doesn’t belong in nature, it doesn’t belong in the belly of a fish.”



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