HEALTH PROGRAMME 2015: Optimum Health Diary

OPTIMUM HEALTH DIARY: This section documents my pursuit of peak health and sports performance using established methods, breakthroughs in sports science and alternative/nature options. Hitting a number of personal best the older I get has made me ponder whether the body deteriorates on default or whether our lifestyles and mindset has a lot to do with this. I’ll answer that question in this weekly diary. (Literally all of my sporting & fitness personal bests have happened in this period of my life so watch this space!!) ______________________________________________

TODAY I ran the City Of London Mile Race with my sister Cheryl. Great atmosphere – both fun & competitive and very well organised, will live long in memory. We both set personal best times for the mile. My sister absolutely smashed hers!!

sports 1

My sister is the organiser of Newham’s Park Run and a member of East End Road Runners. I’m considering becoming a member of East End Road Runners to increase the number and length of runs I do per week.




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