FRIDAY’S THOUGHT: Which Way Are You Going?

FRIDAY’S THOUGHT : Where you are today is based in part on what you thought was a ‘reasonable’ future possibility. Your subconscious (and therefore your potential) immediately aligns with whatever you consider ‘reasonable’. So based on your present results would you say perhaps its time to stop being so ‘reasonable‘ & reach for a larger vision of what you believe is possible? Aim for the skies, so to speak, once you realise the sands of time are running out and you have nothing left to lose. Or stay the same. Or do less. Or give up. It’s choice time. What are  you capable of in this lifetime?  What will you look back on in years to come as a watershed moment when you turned a crossroads  into great potential or when you waved the white flag of surrender.  The surrender path is the more immediate, easier way – but it later has a rude awakening when you find you’re not pursuing a life’s passion or soul’s journey. The other is the harder way – but has greater fulfilment regardless of whether you eventually win or lose. Neither is necessarily right or wrong. It’s choice time.


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