Our short film selected for Candid Arts Trust event

WHEN THE EARTH FELL DOWN:  Pleased to announce our short film When The Earth Fell Down has been selected again. This time by Candid Arts Trust, Islington where it is the ONLY film selected to screen during the preview evening of a forthcoming art exhibition. This is the ninth screening event we’ve been selected for so far. More details will follow as I receive them. 

Festival Acceptance 2015
1. The Voices From The Water Film Festival (Sept 4)
2. The Portobello Film Festival (Sept 3-20)
3. The Freedom Festival (Jan 14-16 2016)
4. The Silver Dollar Film Festival (Dec 11-14)
5. The Online Film Festival 2015 (June 2015)
6. The ACRS Film Festival 2015 (201Mar 16-18 2016)
7) The TamShort Online Film Festival 2015 (Sept 1-10 2015)
8) Candid Arts Trust (May 21)
9) Kino London (May 28th)

When The Earth Fell Down Poster


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