Health Programme 2015 – Boxercise. The Mayweather Effect

HEALTH PROGRAMME 2015: Floyd Mayweather’s recent win against Manny Pacquiao brings back memories of Mayweather’s visit to my old gym The Peacock in Canning Town, East London. East London has a strong boxing social history starting from Aldgate-born World Featherweight Champ Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis fighting just after the First World War  even through to Bethnal Green’s boxing Kray Twins so the place obviously went crazy. It’s not everyday that my borough of Newham gets a hello from one of the greatest boxers of all time (see the video below). I’m about to rejoin my gym The Peacock to put some box-emphasis into my personal programme, I boxed as an amateur so know how rigorous and rewarding the training is. BOXERCISE incorporates high intensity, relentless, aggressive cardio that pushes you to your max. Also all the exercises are non-contact so you newcomers can  leave the gym with your looks and faculties intact. It involves padwork, skipping, circuit training, bagwork. Expect notable increases in strength and stamina, as the workouts maximise the performance of both heart and lungs. Also develops fast-twitch muscle fibre for fast reactions and burns fat for that toned or ripped muscular look. By the way,  a new Gymbox venue has opened in Westfields, Stratford. Check it out. These guys have the coolest gyms ever, as I remember their Covent Garden branch had a resident DJ cooped up in a large glass cubicle spinning the discs while you train! Too cool!

Gymbox Stratford

The Boxercise Organisation (0870 606 6017


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