Health Programme 2015: You Are What You Eat

HEALTH PROGRAMME 2015: You are what you eat. Food affects mood but also bodily functions such as muscle development. It’s fairly obvious that proteins help build muscles but vegetables are also a vital agent because if you want that ripped or toned look they contain the essential vitamins and minerals which will beneficially boost your metabolism. They also level blood sugar levels so you will have less cravings for junk food and thus store less fat. Picture this! An optimised metabolism while you build muscle in the gym so no muscle hiding behind layers of fat when you finally complete your exercise programme! Sounds a good deal. So if you want your muscles to have that super-ripped look forget steroids and hit the veg rack in Sainsburys or Morrisons etc.

Hey you know what? All that gym talk aside, whether you’re trying to get that hot bod for summer or just want to chill on the sofa after work & watch Gogglebox, food affects mood and its as simple as that. It’s a functional fuel that affects everything you do AND the way you do it. It drives our brain chemicals, neurotransmitters and blood sugar levels. Caffeine and sugar can give us a lift when we need it but the blood sugar crash or caffeine-related-anxiety/nervousness may be the price we pay when we overload. Are there alternatives? Loads of them. For example recent research shows that Vitamin C significantly reduces anxiety while still giving that ‘lift’ (the test was done on public speakers) So the alternatives to everything are everywhere, you just have to apply them to your particular need.

Common Foods That Heal
Almonds: trigger the brain into releasing mood stabilising hormones
Green veg: alleviates the symptoms of depression by up to 50%
Green veg, seafood, tomatoes, pulses (kidney beans): fight prostrate cancer
Bananas: lower blood pressure
Beans: reduce risk of heart disease
Celery, Artichokes & flavonoid rich foods: helps prevent pancreatic cancer
Broccoli: heals arthritis, prostate cancer, prevents eye cataracts
Blackcurrants & sulphur rich veg (onions): reduce Alzheimers  risk
Fruit & veg juice: 3 times a week reduce Alzheimers risk
Cheese, Green Tea: Tooth health.

brain-food-2-1    are-what-you-eat-burger

FRUIT & VEG or JUNK FOOD which fuel is driving you?


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