Edit Complete On ‘When The Earth Fell Down’

FILM-MAKING: Can finally say I have completed my eco-short When The Earth Fell Down. Happy with the final edit! I believe this is my finest piece of work but maybe it feels so because it is satisfying on so many other levels. I have empathy with the work and can feel its progression (and also in many ways its the culmination of everything I’ve learned from film-making over the years.)

SYNOPSIS a global disaster as perceived by a visually impaired young man on one life changing day. After generations of neglect the environment inflicts lasting damage on an urban household. Principally, it is experienced through the senses of the youngest member of the family, a nineteen year old black male who is blind and has to rely on these other senses to come to terms with this life-changing event. 

When The Earth Fell Down Poster

More details on this site http://milestoneslipstream.com/WhenTheEarthFellDown.html


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