Health Programme 2015 – Metabolism & The Three Body Types

HEALTH PROGRAMME: Even before you begin your exercise or diet programme you need to know what body type metabolism you have or your programme could be ineffective. There are 3 body types. ENDOmorphs tend to put on weight easily, MESOmorphs are naturally muscular and athletic in build while ECTOmorphs are thinner but find it difficult to put on muscle. The genetically thin ECTOmorph who has put on a bit of weight through inactivity will lose it VERY QUICKLY once they start jogging but there is a danger they could lose too much weight because of their body’s natural predisposition to be thin. So it would be more valuable to add a weight training programme to their jogging. On the other hand the (naturally fatter) ENDOmorph who has got their weight down to 12 stone through jogging will not loose the pounds and keep it off as quickly as a 12 stone ECTOmorph who is doing the same exercise. See it this way – ECTOmorphs are programmed to burn fat. Nonetheless ENDOmorphs still need to include jogging as an essential part of their training programme along with aerobic exercise/cardio and a balanced diet. So which one are you?

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