Health Programme 2015 – Autophagy proves exercise heals

HEALTH PROGRAMME: While doing a 5 mile jog on Good Friday in the pouring rain a thought came to me in a moment of enlightenment. OK that’s it I want the scientific evidence that this sacrifice is actually doing me some good. I could actually be eating some delicious fishcakes round my mum’s rather than stomping through muddy puddles and running up the steps of Westfield, Stratford, Rocky style. Well anyway here’s the proof and it’s called autophagy. Whenever you jog or do any kind of exercise a biological process called autophagy occurs. It’s something of a fountain of youth as it regenerates cells and rebuilds them.  Click this link about autophagy that states  “that the process of autophagy is central to the process of preventing degenerative, aging illnesses.”





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