Health Programme 2015

HEALTH PROGRAMME: As we speak I’m waiting for a decision regarding funding  a research documentary into health/diet/exercise in the East London boroughs. But hey while waiting I’ll put my money where my mouth is and apply  some of the already available research on health/diet into my own daily programme. We’ll take this thing public so its more difficult for me to back out of. Here I will have regular updates on fitness/health news and how I am introducing them into my own routines. Let’s take this from ground level. But remember life isn’t a competition.  It’s not always about competing against others – but competing with yourself also gets results. OK let’s begin this journey!


My key aims are to maintain a lean, quick frame to speed around a track or a ring. So smaller speed weights and intense workouts with very brief rest periods between sets is what I want rather than heavy weights & long rests. You see speed is what we need!



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