Chineke! Orchestra at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank.

ARTICLE: The Chineke Orchestra is Europe’s 1st all black one! They’ll be performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank on September 13th. This includes Suite from L’Amant Anonyme  by multi-talented 18th century composer Chevalier de Saint-Georges, fencer, fighter, athlete and more commonly known as the Black Mozart. Check out my article here



Can you go from short film to Hollywood feature?

SHORT FILM FESTIVAL: Can a ‎short film‬ really lead to success in ‪Hollywood‬ or do they have limited commercial value? As the countdown to our film festival begins we look at the ‪films‬ that went from short to blockbuster feature. Click link for my article



Curtains Up exhibition of Theatreland & Broadway at the V&A.

EXHIBITION REVIEW: I attended this exhibition of British and American theatre at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Click link for my article