Unicorn – London’s Daft But Delicious Food Fad Hangs on in 2018

FOOD: Hmm… I didn’t know there was a unicorn food craze till it was on its way out! I didn’t miss much. I set out to discover whether unicorn was still a big deal in London. Oh, by the way…I had Unicorn Poop cereal at the Cereal Killer Cafe, Brick Lane. It tastes better than it sounds. Click link to read my article. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/brick-lane-graffiti-let-the-streets-become-your-canvas/

 Cereal Killer Cafe




Brick Lane Graffiti: Let the East End Streets Become Your Canvas

STREET ART: I was in the East End’s Brick Lane looking for street art that was a match for the masterpieces in the West End’s galleries. Check out this selection I photographed. Click link https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/brick-lane-graffiti-let-the-streets-become-your-canvas/

British Museum: Rodin Exhibition Alongside Parthenon Marbles

PARTHENON MARBLES: In this article I examine ownership of the Parthenon Marbles in light of the British Museum’s announcement of a Rodin exhibition alongside these classical treasures from Ancient Greece. I also include poems by Keats & Lord Byron on the Marbles. And Byron gives his view on who owns them! Click here for my article https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/the-parthenon-marbles-clash-of-culture-law-and-international-relations/


London Fencing Club

FENCING: I had my first lesson at the London Fencing Club in Old Street. How did I get on? Can fencing bring out your inner D’Artagnan? I spoke to the club’s Fencing Master Alex Bela. Learn more about #fencing and #London’s fencing fraternity in my article. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/london-fencing-club-may-bring-out-your-inner-dartagnan/

  sabre coach Alex Bela


Faisal Abdu’ Allah: The Duppy Conqueror & Other Works

ART: Check out my review of Faisal Abdul’ Allah: The Duppy Conqueror & Other Works. Provocative and controversial depictions of Christ and his disciples as black youths with firearms. Check out my review https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/faisal-abdu-allah-the-duppy-conqueror-other-works-exhibition/


Kensington Roof Gardens to Close

NIGHTLIFE: Yes, this luxury roof garden club-restaurant with its flock of flamingos and Iberian-themed gardens is on borrowed time. Billionaire owner Richard Branson says his celebrity night spot is struggling in a competitive market. I attended a masquerade ball there last year. Check out article. https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/kensington-roof-gardens-to-close/


London’s Roman Amphitheatre

HISTORY: There’s a #Roman #amphitheatre in London. Well the ruins of one anyway. If you don’t fancy your local soccer stadium this Saturday head to #Guildhall & discover how gladiators fought in these arenas without refs & halftime whistles Check out my article https://whatshotlondon.co.uk/londons-roman-amphitheatre/